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 When our clients come to Phoenix Metal Designs, we are proud to provide them with the top of the line in Water Jet cutting technology. Our 5-axis cutting head allows us to Cut at an angle as wide as 90°, can provide high tolerance cutting on materials up to thicknesses of 10” on the Y Axis, and has a sprawling 13’6” x 7’7” cutting area.

 Our state of the art WARDJet’s unique design for 5-Axis ensures the unit can conservatively achieve accuracies of ± 1 arc minute, backlash free motion, with a torque of 39Nm or 345 in-lbs. WARDJet also directly couples their tilting axis mechanism to the harmonic drive output flange and the rock-solid crossed roller bearing. The unparalleled backlash characteristics of the harmonic drive mechanism eliminate the slop and play inherent to other designs, easily outstripping the competition.

 WARDJet's 5-Axis Cutting heads are engineered to be substantially more accurate than any other 5-Axis cutting head in the industry!

 Water jet cutting is best used for architectural design components, signage, patterns, as well as for components that require machining. 5-Axis Waterjet cutting is not limited to metal!

Benefits of water jet cutting:

  • Water jet is the best technology for cutting thicker metals and is also effective on glass and stone and is faster and more economically than older technologies.

  • Minimal fixturing is required for most parts, that means results are faster and more accurate. This makes it extremely cost-effective for short runs for prototypes, for example, with metals that are difficult to cut conventionally.

  • Water jets produce results with no heat-affected zones, heat distortions or mechanical stress

  • naturally small kerf and tight nesting patterns serve to maximize the yield from each metal sheet.

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